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Earth Covered Buildings

Sydney Zoo, Nocturnal Animal Enclosure

August 31, 2018

Spantech is helping to build Australia’s most advanced zoo in the heart...

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Water Reservoir Roofing

Sydney Water – Campbelltown Reservoir

August 17, 2016

Reservoir Roofing: Innovative Design for Sydney’s Future Video courtesy of Sydney Water Sydney...

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Roma Airport Roof Construction

Roma Airport Terminal

June 30, 2016

Project Overview The mining industry, with its extensive fly-in-fly-out workforce, requires modern,...

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Bunderburg Airport Roof Construction

Bundaberg Airport Terminal

January 8, 2010

Project Overview During the upgrade of the airport terminal, Architect Steve Turner...

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Onkaparinga Reservoir Roof

June 24, 2001

Project Scope Supply, manufacture and installation of roof cladding Walkway Rails End...

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Water Reservoir Roofing

Young Reservoir Roof

June 23, 2000

Project Scope Supply, manufacture and installation of roof cladding Ridge vent Associated...

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