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Earth Covered Buildings

Earth Covered buildings, or green roof buildings, are becoming a popular alternative to conventional metal and tile roofs. They are environmentally sound and bring people closer to nature.

Well designed earth covered buildings are energy and water efficient.  They are low maintenance and provide effective protection from cyclones and bushfire. Earth covered buildings achieve high Green Star ratings.


Earth covered buildings have a wide variety of uses:

  • Green roofs for commercial buildings seeking to improve the Green Star rating of the project
  • Green roofs for houses to manage heating/cooling costs and bushfires
  • Bushfire shelters
  • Blast-proof or blast-resistant buildings for Defence applications

Spantech’s Unique Technology

Spantech developed a unique combination of technology and construction methods to deliver earth-covered buildings to the Australian Department of Defence. Defence forces internationally now use these buildings to store explosive ordnance, shelter fighter aircraft and other high value assets and to protect personnel. For more information refer to Defence.

The same construction technology is now used for Spantech’s earth covered commercial and residential projects.  For example, Spantech constructed the earth covered nocturnal animal display for the new Sydney Zoo.

Sydney Zoo, Nocturnal Animal Enclosure, a Spantech earth covered building designed by Misho+Associates

Sydney Zoo, Nocturnal Animal Enclosure, a Spantech earth covered building designed by Misho+Associates


Construction of an earth covered building begins with construction of a Spantech ground-to-ground building.

Reinforcing is fixed to the panels and shotcrete (sprayed concrete) applied over the structure. The Spantech panels act as a composite formwork, integral to the support of the arch. The thickness of the shotcrete is designed to suit the specific applications, from 160mm thick for commercial buildings, or thicker for blast resistant buildings.

Waterproofing is applied to the concrete structure and subsoil drainage systems installed. When cured the structure is covered with earth.

Spantech’s earth covered buildings are based on the proven designs of specialised buildings designed and tested for the Australian Department of Defence.

Sample Projects

Sample earth covered projects

Other Applications

Spantech profiles were originally developed for roofing.  But the strength and versatility of these unique profiles makes them cost effective and suitable for a wide range of applications.