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Ground to Ground Buildings

Spantech ground to ground buildings are the modern alternative to the Nissen Hut

Spantech’s Ground-to-Ground buildings are a very economical frameless structure.

While they appear similar to the famous WWII style Nissen Hut or Quonset Hut, Spantech’s modern take on this style of building has no internal support frame and no columns.

Curved panels are fixed directly to concrete side footings to form the main arch of the building.

Spantech constructs the vertical end walls with straight panels.  The end wall is frameless, with mullions only required around penetrations.  The end wall panels are fixed at the base to the footing and at the top to the curved panels.  This connection is made strong and watertight with a simple cold-rolled end-ring flashing.

Select your Profile

Spantech Ground-to-Ground buildings are constructed with one of two unique profiles:

Spantech Woomera 300 Spantech Pinkenba 370
Woomera 300 Pinkenba 370
Ground to ground frameless buildings
Frameless end walls
Earth Covered Buildings (ECB)

* Specific applications are subject to engineering design and approval

Industry Sectors

Customers commonly use Spantech ground to ground buildings for on-farm grain storage, potato storage and some types of sports facilities.

Grain Storage

Spantech’s on-farm grain storage buildings are typically constructed using the Spantech Woomera 300 profile.  The width of the building is 21 metres wide with the length adjusted to suit the required storage capacity. The structure is so strong that grain or other bulk materials can be stacked up to 2 metres high against the side walls dramatically expanding the total storage capacity of the building.

Existing customers have constructed Spantech buildings to store a percentage of their harvest for later sale to direct clients, or to hold and wait for improving market prices. Other clients use the buildings at mills, feed lots and piggeries.

Spantech horizontal silos are more economical and more versatile than vertical storage. When not storing grain in their sheds, Spantech customers store harvesting equipment and other expensive machinery in the buildings to minimise maintenance and extend the life of the equipment.


See sample ground-to-ground buildings in recent Agricultural Projects.

Other Applications

Spantech profiles were originally developed for roofing.  But the strength and versatility of these unique profiles makes them cost effective and suitable for a wide range of applications.