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Formwork 300


Composite Formwork

Spantech’s fast and efficient metal formwork system is used to construct suspended concrete slabs, multi-level car parks and high-rise buildings.

The profile is based on the Spantech Woomera 300 profile, an extremely versatile construction profile invented by Spantech in 1984. The rollformed metal Woomera profile can be used for curved roofing, skillion roofing and walls.  When manufactured from zinc covered metals and used as formwork, the profile is called Spantech Formwork 300.

Build suspended concrete slabs faster with minimal temporary supports and less reinforcing.

Spantech Formwork 300 is an innovative composite formwork system which can dramatically reduce the overall construction time and risks associated with constructing suspended reinforced concrete slabs. Initially developed and tested for several Australian Department of Defence projects, the Formwork 300 system is now widely used for large commercial projects. Typical applications include:

  • High rise hotels, residential and commercial buildings
  • Multilevel car parks
  • Mezzanine level floors for commercial and industrial projects
  • Architect designed residential projects, particularly those with sloping sites

Curved Formwork

Unlike any other composite metal formwork, the Formwork 300 profile can be pre-cambered to minimise deflection, or significantly curved to create dramatic free-span arched structures. These arched concrete structures are regularly used in the design of earth-covered buildings, tunnels, large culverts and blast-resistant buildings.

Features and Benefits

The Spantech Formwork 300 eliminates or significantly reduces the amount and complexity of temporary formwork in suspended concrete slabs to accelerate construction programs and reduce costs.

  • Very cost effective for multilevel car parks, high rise buildings and other commercial applications
  • Suit suspended concrete slabs a minimum of 145mm thick. Typical slab thickness is 160mm
  • Unsupported spans to 3.6 metres (for 160mm slab and live load up to 10KPa). Refer Span Tables
  • Significant reduction in construction time:
    • Faster installation
    • If props are required, there are fewer props Remove props earlier and faster
    • Earlier access for all other trades
  • Integrates with all construction methods:
    • Structural steel frame
    • Tilt-up, pre-cast or formed concrete
    • Masonry walls, etc.
  • The unique flat base of the profile:
    • No infill to underside of profile
    • Minimal flashings
    • Profiles easily fastened to support structure
    • Minimal leakage
  • On-site manufacturing to minimise transport and handling costs, errors and waste
  • Profile can be pre-cambered (curved) to provide additional strength and minimise deflection
  • Profiles are connected to each other with a strong patented interlocking connection achieved without fasteners
  • Bold 110mm (nominal) high ribs act compositely with the finished slab to minimise the quantity of reinforcing required
  • The ribs can support reinforcing mesh, eliminating bar chairs
  • Integrated multi-purpose clips available to support suspended ceilings and services
  • Excellent Fire Resistance Level (FRL) with 160mm thick slab of 25MPa concrete achieving 240/240/240 FRL
  • Acoustic properties meet all relevant standards
  • Options for coil steel protective coatings:
    • Galvanised steel
    • Pre-painted steel – select any colour from the Dulux range
    • Printed patterns emulating timber, stone and corten steel – UniCote Lux

Recent Projects

Spantech Formwork 300 profile has been used on a number of commercial projects, high rise office buildings and architect designed residential projects.

The system is also currently being used to construct a large multi-level car park in Tasmania.

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Technical Specifications

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Other Applications

Spantech profiles were originally developed for roofing.  But the strength and versatility of these unique profiles makes them cost effective and suitable for a wide range of applications.

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