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Parkinson Aquatic Centre Named Queensland Facility Of The Year

Major upgrades to Parkinson Aquatic Centre have helped City Venue Management (CVM)...

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Watershed Moment for Single Span Structure

The barracades came down last Friday on the new 2,500sq.m covered car park situated...

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Safety Award for Parkinson

Appreciated by locals for the many family friendly features of the facility,...

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Parkinson Aquatic Centre Coach Looking For Talent

New Parkinson Aquatic Centre head swimming coach Matt Brown said he was...

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Parkinson Aquatic Centre Attracts International Talent

International swimming coach Matt Brown will be training some of China’s elite...

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Andair AG Blast Shelters

Spantech is the Australian Agent for Andair AG

Spantech is the Australian agent for Andair AG, the Swiss supplier of...

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