Wide Span Curved Roof

Create Wide Span Curved Roofs with Spantech

Spantech’s patented roofing profiles are used to build spectacular wide span curved roofs.

Curved Profiles

Spantech is well known for two spectacular self-supporting curved roofing profiles: the Woomera 300 and Pinkenba 370.

These unique curved profiles are supported at edge beams and free-span the width of the building.  In most applications, the buildings do not require trusses or internal columns.

These profiles create amazing wide-open spaces.  This design approach is ideal for all types of indoor sport, aquatic centres and large agricultural buildings.

Projects which use this striking design approach include ABB Grain Stores, NZ and the Goonellabah Sports and Aquatic Centre.

Wide Span Curved Roof
Glencore Grain Store, New Zealand
Wide Span Curved Roofing
Goonellabah Aquatic Centre, NSW

Straight Profiles on Curved Beams

Curved roofing can also be achieved with the Spantech Longreach 650 and Longreach 800 profiles.  The long-span straight profile is supported on or under curved structural steel beams.

With long spans between structural beams, this approach significantly reduces the amount of structural steel in the design. It also significantly reduces the number of columns and footings.

Projects like the Emu Street Car Park, Qld and Charlton Christian College, NSW successfully use this product and design approach.

Long Span Curved Roof
Emu Street Car Park, Qld
Long Span Curved Roof Construction
Charlton Christian College Sports Courts, NSW

Structural Support Options

A wide span curved roof may be incorporated with almost any conventional type of structural support system:

  • tilt-up slabs
  • brick or block
  • structural steel
  • laminated beams

Woomera and Pinkenba Supports

Curved panels are generally fixed to structural steel edge beams located at the top of the side walls or columns.  Walls or columns are designed to carry the additional load of the free-spanning curved roof by introducing structural steel buttresses, buttress walls, increased footing size, or a combination of these engineered solutions.

Longreach Supports

When curved beams are introduced to support Longreach profiles, the beams create a portal frame minimising the size of columns and footings.

Wide Span Curved Roof Accessories

Spantech panels can support a range of architectural finishes and fixtures.

Curved Ceilings

Ceilings can be curved to follow the line of the roof, or suspended. Curved ceilings can be created with plaster board or Custom Orb.

Perforated Custom Orb is regularly used in commercial buildings where thermal and acoustic insulation is required.

Custom Orb ceilings can be made with steel or aluminium base metal to suit the environment.

Suspended Services

Lighting, air-conditioning and most other light-weight architectural fixtures and services can be hung directly from the roof without any additional support. Where live loads or point loading is required, additional structural steel beams are used to spread the load over a larger area.

Some heavy loads may require additional structural steel to distribute loads back to walls or columns. Services such as fire sprinkler systems and electrical conduits can be fitted to the roof. Where no ceiling is fitted, suspend electrical conduits with Spantech’s integrated MP (multipurpose) clip. 

If they need to be concealed, install conduits on the outside of the roof, then cover and waterproof with a curved barge flashing to match the curved flashings at the ends of the roof.

View Our Pinkenba 370 Roof Demo

Pinkenba 370 Curved Roof
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Find the Right Spantech Profile

 Use the table below to help you find the right Spantech profile for your next project.

Application Woomera 300 Pinkenba 370 Longreach 800 Longreach 650
Wide span curved roof – self supporting
Straight profile on curved beams
Straight or tapered profile on undulating beams
Multi-span arched roofs
Earth covered curved roof

Multi Span Arched Roofs

Spantech design and construct large projects featuring multi-span arched roofs to cost effectively cover large spaces. These buildings are typically used for:

  • Agricultural bulk storage
  • Mining facilities
  • Large industrial buildings

Architectural Possibilities

Multi-arched roofs also provide distinctive architectural features and creative design opportunities.

Multi-arched roof design
Spantech Multi-Arched Roof sports and aquatic centre concept
Multi Arched Architectural Roof Design

In this concept for a major Sports and Aquatic Centre, the architect has created a series of voluminous light filled spaces using the Spantech Pinkenba 370 curved profile.

Each sloped roof section acts as a free-spanning curved roof.  The section of the roof is defined by a light-weight truss which defines the break in the roofline and supports the translucent curved skylights.  Generous overlapping cantilevered eaves control light and heat within the facility.

Internal gutters are also cleverly avoided in this bold concept. The central element of the concept design features a three level administration block. 

The expansive space created by the arched roof allows for a loft level.  Also, by deleting a section of the curved roof in this area, light is allowed to flood into all three levels of the central hub of the building. Contact Spantech to explore more options with multi-arched roofs.


Design efficiency is key to the successful application of the Spantech Construction System. Spantech works closely with Architect and Engineer to ensure the benefits of the Spantech Construction System are maximised in each project.

This careful collaborative approach to design provides savings in construction time and costs, minimises labour and material costs and reduces the ongoing operating costs for the life of the facility.

Select the Right Spantech Profile

Spantech offers two profiles specifically designed to achieve multi-span curved roofs. Use the table below to help you find the right Spantech profile for your next multi span curved roof project.

Application Woomera 300 Pinkenba 370
Multi-span curved roofs
Multi-span earth covered curved roof

Design Assistance

Spantech can help you to select the right profile or product for your Multi Arched Roofing Projects.
Our friendly Spantech team offers comprehensive design assistance to Architects and Engineers.

Other Wide Span Curved Roofing Applications

Spantech profiles were originally developed for roofing.  But the strength and versatility of these unique profiles makes them cost effective and suitable for a wide range of applications.

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