Wide Span, Long Span Roofing & Formwork

Spantech’s exclusive rollformed metal profiles can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Find the Right Spantech Profile

 Use the table below to help you find the right Spantech profile for your next project.

Application Woomera 300 Pinkenba 370 Longreach 800 Longreach 650 Formwork 300
Wide span curved roof – self supporting
Wide span curved roof – on curved beams
Multi-span arched roofs
Wide span skillion roof
Shade Structures
Aluminium Roofing
Cantilever Eaves > 1.0m
Cantilever Eaves > 2.0m
Cantilever Eaves up to 5.0m
Walls and Cladding
Ground-to-ground buildings
Composite Formwork
Earth Covered Buildings (ECB)

Get Best Value from Spantech Profiles

Now find out more about the applications and the best way to get the best value for money from Spantech’s profiles and construction technology. Select an application below.

Shade Structures

When outdoor activities need to happen – rain, hail or shine, Spantech offers multiple shade structure solutions.

Ground To Ground Buildings

Spantech’s Ground-to-Ground buildings are a very economical frameless structure.

Tapered Profiles

Tapered roofing profiles are those where the cover width of each profile is varied (gradually increased or reduced) to achieve irregular shaped roofs for exciting architectural effect.

Walls and Cladding

Several Spantech profiles can be used as cost effective external walls and cladding with striking effect.

Earth Covered Buildings

Earth Covered buildings, or green roof buildings, are becoming a popular alternative to conventional metal and tile roofs.

Design Assistance

Spantech can help you select the right profile or product for your project.
Our Friendly Spantech team offers comprehensive design assistance to Architects and Engineers.

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