Water Reservoir Roofing

Cost Effective Durable Water Reservoir Roofing

Spantech profiles can be used for cost effective durable Water Reservoir Roofing.

Water Reservoir Roofing
The Campbeltown Water Reservoir

Providing clean reliable water

Aluminium water reservoir roofing helps maintain the quality of potable water.

Spantech provides flat or sprung-curved roofing profiles ideal for new and refurbished water storage facilities. Our range of long-span, standing-seam roofing profiles span further than any comparable product on the market. This helps Spantech significantly reduce the overall weight of a reservoir roof, and on large projects, minimise the overall construction costs.


We have extensive experience roofing water reservoirs and water treatment projects for major clients such as Sydney Water, one of Australia’s largest water utilities.

Our unique Reservoir Roofing solution

A Spantech roof is a low maintenance, long life roofing solution. Utilising our unique roofing profiles:

  • helps ensure clean and reliable water storage
  • reduces interruption to supply
  • reduces construction time
  • minimises facility downtime
  • reduces maintenance costs
  • reduces the risk of contamination from dust, foliage, pollution, pests or deliberate actions
  • minimises ongoing chemical costs
  • minimises loss through evaporation.

Choice of materials

Spantech can provide our long span roofing profiles in either pre-painted steel or aluminium.

Pre-painted steel profiles are suitable for projects requiring large spans.  These profiles minimise the amount of internal support structure.  Pre-painted steel is available in a number of finishes including protective coatings specifically designed for potable water.

Spantech aluminium roofing profiles are suitable for essential infrastructure requiring ultra-long-life performance.

Aluminium Roofing for ultra performance

Our 370 Series aluminium roofing system is recommended where an ultra-long-life roofing solution is required.

The system includes Spantech’s own aluminium C Purlins.  Spantech’s unique sliding clips allow for extreme expansion and contraction in the roof profiles up to 60m.

Spantech aluminium water reservoir roofing system has an effective life of over 50 years.

Aluminium ‘C’ Purlins

Spantech also offers a range of aluminium C Purlins to compliment our long span aluminium roofing profiles. Spantech C purlins are available in a range of sizes. They can also include a “down-lip” to prevent moisture and debris build-up. Our C Purlins can be sprung curved or rolled to suit the radius required for the reservoir roof to create dome roofs.


Sydney Water Reservoir Roofing
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Design Assistance

Spantech can help you to select the right profile or product for your project.
Our friendly Spantech team offers comprehensive design assistance to Architects and Engineers.
Design Assist

Other Wide Span Roofing Applications

Spantech profiles were originally developed for roofing.  But the strength and versatility of these unique profiles makes them cost effective and suitable for a wide range of applications.

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