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About Us

Spantech is an Australian construction company with a unique construction system

Spantech is a privately owned Australian construction company established in 1984.

The company designs and constructs buildings using a number of rollformed construction panels and methodologies.

Patented Technology

The system features a site roll-formed construction panel with wide-span capabilities and a unique connection method.

Spantech has two profile sizes: the original 300 Series can span up to 30 metres wide and the 370 Series panel, introduced in 2001, can span up to 40 metres wide. Both profiles can also be used for curved roofs, pitched and skillion roofs, walls or permanent formwork.


Spantech services a number of industries including: agriculture, aviation, education, commercial, Defence, industrial, mining, public, sport, recreation and water.

The system was initially designed to economically store bulk grain and other agricultural produce. The early designs used the continuous curved panel to free-span between concrete footings to create a Quonset style building.

Today the panel is more commonly used as a free-span roof with the panels supported by walls or columns.


Unique Design Solutions

As the inventors of the technology, Spantech has a vested interest in ensuring the continuous improvement of this unique system. The company has a strong culture of creativity. This is supported by a solid investment in research and development backed by extensive practical construction experience. This commitment to improvement provides direct benefits to clients.

For example, Spantech designed and constructed a number of 11,000t potato stores for McCain Foods at processing plants in Tasmania and Victoria. The buildings store potatoes for up to nine months with minimal loss or degradation. This was a key factor in McCain Foods securing the contract to provide french fries to McDonald’s and other major fast food chains in South East Asia.

In 1991 Spantech constructed its first earth covered building to safely store explosives. The design created international headlines when a number of Spantech buildings were tested in a series of full-scale explosives trials at Woomera, South Australia. The Spantech Explosives Storehouses proved safer and more cost effective than alternatives. It saved the Australian Department of Defence millions of dollars on the first explosives depot project alone. The same construction technology is now applied to other types of hardened buildings such as Aircraft Shelters and underground Command Centres.

Spantech defence buildings are also constructed by appointed licensees in the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia.

New Zealand projects are managed via the Australian head office.


Safety, Quality and Environmental Compliance

The focus of delivering the best for clients through better design, more economical construction methods and more advanced technology remains a key factor in the success of Spantech.

Spantech operates under an integrated safety, quality and environmental management system. The system is independently audited and certified to comply with AS/NZS ISO 9001 and AS/NZS 4801.

Spantech’s Safety Management System is also certified by the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC).

Compliance Certificates

The Team

The company is owned and managed by one of the company’s founding partners – Mr Dick Lucas, a respected Queensland builder with a wide range of practical international construction experience. Dick’s inventiveness, work ethic and honesty in business are cornerstones of the company.

Dick is supported in the business by his wife, two sons, and a team of highly skilled and experienced employees. A large percentage of the team have worked with Spantech for more than a decade, a few for significantly longer.

At Spantech we strive to go further to deliver more for our clients.

Span further, Deliver more