Wide Span Skillion Roofs

Wide Span Skillion Roofs Profile Range

Spantech builds wide span skillion roofs with minimal falls using several straight profiles in the Spantech product range.

What is a Skillion Roof?

A skillion roof is a roof with a single-sloped roof surface, often not attached to another roof surface. They may also be referred to as a mono-pitched roof, shed roof, or lean-to roof. And with Spantech’s ability to build roofs with falls of just 1 degree, they may also be considered ‘flat’ roofs.

Wide Spans, Continuous Lengths and Fast Construction

Because Spantech panels are rolled on site, they can be manufactured to any length to provide continuous, watertight skillion roofs. The deep standing seam design of Spantech profiles allow for minimal falls of just 1 degree. Spantech profiles can also span wider than typical roof sheeting, significantly reducing the amount of structural steel required in the finished building.  This wide span feature helps save construction time and costs.

Skillion Roof Profile Design
Skillion Roof
Skillion Roof Profile Design
Skillion Roof Design

Advantages of wide span skillion roofs

The features and benefits of a Spantech skillion roof:

  • No joins in roof sheets, with continuous profiles rollformed on site to any length
  • Minimum pitch of 1 degree
  • Large cantilever eaves of up to 2 metres
  • Less structural steel
  • Less columns and footings
  • Minimal penetrations with panels clipped or bolted (rather than screwed) in place
  • No issues with expansion and contraction due to the unique fixing method
  • Fast construction
  • Can be used with or without a ceiling
  • Can also be insulated


Spantech straight panels are available in steel or aluminium with a wide range of finishes available:

  • Pre-painted steel (Colorbond)
  • Double-sided pre-painted steel (Colorbond)
  • Galvanised steel
  • Also available in natural or pre-painted aluminium

Find the Right Spantech Profile

Spantech offers four different profiles capable of achieving wide-span skillion roofs and similar roof types which use straight profiles. Use the table below to help you find the right Spantech profile for your next project.

Application Woomera 300 Pinkenba 370 Longreach 800 Longreach 650
Wide span skillion roofs
Wide span gabled roofs
Wide span butterfly roofs

Design Assistance

Spantech can help you to select the right profile or product for your Skillion Roofing Projects.
Our friendly Spantech team offers comprehensive design assistance to Architects and Engineers.

Similar Roof Types

Gabled Roof

A Gabled Roof is a simple roof design shaped like an inverted V.

The Woomera 300 profile is suited to Gable Roofs.

The bold ribs (standing seams) of the Woomera 300 are approximately 110mm high, so Spantech has developed a range of solutions to ensure the ridgeline remains watertight.

These include large up-turned profile ends, capped ends and waterproof foam blocks, plus generous ridgeline cap flashings.

Butterfly Roof

Butterfly Roof is a V-shaped roof resembling an open book.

A box gutter separates the roof into two parts, each running towards each other at an obtuse angle. Butterfly roofs may also be referred to as a V-roof or London roof.

All Spantech’s straight profiles can be applied to Butterfly Roofs.

Note: Because of the deep profile of the Longreach 800 or Longreach 650 profiles, careful attention should be paid to the design and waterproofing of the roof around the box gutter.

Other Wide Span Roofing Applications

Spantech profiles were originally developed for roofing.  But the strength and versatility of these unique profiles makes them cost effective and suitable for a wide range of applications.

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