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Sport and Recreation

Multipurpose Community Halls and Cyclone Shelters

Spantech community buildings are flexible in their applications and are able to cater for a wide range of indoor sports, social activities, theatre, music performances etc.

Designs can incorporate any special requirements, from commercial kitchens to sprung timber floors and much more.

These types of buildings can also be designed to meet the requirements of a Community Cyclone Shelter. With the inclusion of emergency power and communication systems, air conditioning, additional amenities and kitchen, storage for emergency bedding, cyclone shutters etc, these structures become an invaluable asset to the community in times of extreme need.

A number of local Councils have also incorporated communication and IT systems within the design which allows them to operate from the premises in the event of a disaster such as fire or flood affecting the Council Chambers.

Indoor Sporting Facilities

With wide spans and high frameless curved ceilings, the Spantech System is well suited to the design and construction of indoor sporting facilities.

Spantech has designed and constructed a wide range of indoor sporting facilities for activities such as:

  • basketball and netball
  • tennis
  • volleyball
  • badminton
  • indoor soccer / football
  • horse riding
  • ice skating
  • indoor cricket
  • and many more…

Spantech’s Sport Sector Expertise

Spantech has particular expertise, experience and capabilities in the following areas of the Sport and Recreation sector:

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