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Potato Storage

Spantech is the market leader in the design and construction of Potato Storage Facilities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Spantech provides an innovative complete end-to-end storage system using its patented construction system to maximum effect. The result is a very economical whole of life solution that can be constructed quickly, even in remote areas.

Highly Efficient Potato Storage with Minimal Shrinkage and Loss

The Spantech Potato Store features a highly efficient central storage space, superior insulation and a fully automated/energy-efficient climate control system.

A Spantech Potato Storage Facility will store potatoes at premium quality with minimal shrinkage or degradation for up to nine months.

The buildings are large enough to accommodate a variety of mechanical handling options.  Most customers use the mobile Spudnik Piler to load the buildings.  Semi-trailers tip directly into the Spudnik hopper with ample height provided along the central zone of the building.

Unloading the building is just as efficient.  Customers use the Spudnik Scooper, front-end-loaders and/or Bobcats.

The stores are ideally suited for processing plants or on-farm storage for bulk growers and co-operatives.

Another 11,00 tonne Spantech Potato Store being constructed at the Talleys processing plant Ashburton, New Zealand using the Spantech Woomera 300 curved roofing profile

An 11,000 tonne Spantech Potato Store under construction at the Talley’s Potato Processing Plant, Ashburton, New Zealand using the Spantech Woomera 300 curved roofing profile

The Most Experienced Potato Storage Builder in the Southern Hemisphere

If experience counts, Spantech recently completed its 27th potato storage facility.  That is almost one major potato storage facility every year since the company was formed.

The project was an 11,000 tonne potato store at Ashburton, New Zealand for Talley’s.  Previous projects have been constructed for the most respected names in the industry:

  • McCain Foods (Australia and New Zealand)
  • Talley’s
  • Heinz Wattie, and
  • Pengrove Potato Stores

Unique Potato Storage Features

Spantech Potato Stores feature:

  • A proven design
  • An economical whole of life solution
  • Range of sizes from 4,000 tonne to 11,000 tonne capacity
  • Space saving curved structure
  • Options to have potatoes segregated into batches
  • Fast construction
  • Long life structure
  • Excellent insulation
  • Fully automated climate control system
  • Integrated fogging system
  • Clean interior finish
  • Sealed doors and vents
  • Vermin resistant design
  • Inspection access
  • Various loading and unloading options
  • Easy maintenance
  • Extremely good value for money
  • Very low total cost of ownership

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