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Long Span Commercial Roofing


Curved Roof
Skillion Roof
Cantilever Eaves
Walls & Cladding
Spantech Longreach 650 is ideal for large-scale commercial roofing projects with long spans and large cantilevers.


  • Skillion Roof
  • Curved Roof
  • Walls and Cladding
  • Cantilever Eaves
  • Tapered Profiles
  • Ceilings
  • Gutters

Product Specification

  • Base metal thickness: 1 mm
  • Maximum span: 20 metres*
  • Maximum cantilever: 5 metres*
  • Cover width: 580 mm to 720 mm*

* Spans, cover width and sizes are subject to confirmation by a certified structural engineer.

Recent Projects

Since its launch in 2018, Spantech has completed a large number of architect designed projects in the education, sport and recreation, community sectors using the Spantech Longreach profile. See some of our recent Projects

Technical Information

The following information applies to both the Longreach 800 and Longreach 650 profiles.

About the Profiles

One mobile rollform machine manufactures these two profiles. The Longreach 800 is the profile most commonly used.  It can span up to 12 metres or 18 meters, subject to engineering requirements.  It can achieve wide cantilevered eaves in most wind terrain areas and excellent value with a cover width of 800mm. The Longreach 650 is recommended where longer spans are required or where high wind loads apply. The Longreach 650 may also be specified where aluminium is required. The cover width of the profiles can be stretched by approximately 100mm or compressed by approximately 75mm to achieve the ideal cover width for the project. Increasing the cover width may reduce the span capacity of the profile.


  • The Spantech Longreach can span between 12 and 20 metres (subject to building location and Engineering design approval)
  • It can provide cantilever eave from 3 to 5 metres
  • It can be rollformed from pre-painted coil steel or aluminium
  • To maximise spans, the rollform machine can roll a BMT (Base Metal Thickness) of up to 1.2mm in steel and 1.6mm in aluminium

Value for Money

  • The Spantech Longreach is very competitively priced and fast to construct
  • The incredible spanning capabilities of the Longreach profiles can significantly reduce the total amount of structural steel and concrete required for a project
  • The Spantech rollform machine can be transported to site by a standard semi-trailer without an additional road escort, providing cost, time and scheduling advantages
  • Our new rollforming machine is safe, operationally efficient and extremely reliable


  • The Spantech Longreach profile has a fully interlocking male and female edge connection which eliminates the need for Tek screws at 500mm centres. This saves construction time and reduces the risk of leaks and potential corrosion areas
  • Spantech Longreach profiles are lifted with secure clamps, not slings. This positive connection is stronger and safer than conventional sling techniques. It also reduces stress and twist on the profile during construction, minimising the risk of damage to the surface and prolonging the life of the material
  • On the recent Charlton Christian College Sports Court Project Spantech manufactured and erected over 1,600 square metres of Longreach 650 roofing in just two days.


  • Spantech coil steel suppliers hold stock of double sided “Off-White” so we can mobilise faster
  • Our rollforming machine and crew are readily available
  • Spantech will travel all over Australia

Functional Performance

  • The curved bends in the Spantech Longreach profile eliminate any flat sections in the cross-section of the profile. Large flat sections near the top of similar deep profiles can cause spouts of water to overshoot gutters and adversely effect building users
  • The curves in Spantech Longreach profile are similar to the curves in standard corrugated roofing to ensure the profile architecturally compliments a large range of standard roofing accessories
  • Spantech’s coil steel is always painted on both sides with the full three layer paint system, not just a primer on the underside of the sheeting. This means exposed underside areas such as large overhangs are the same “Off White” as the rest of the roof, not just a “Shadow Grey” primer. With a full paint system on both sides the panel is better protected, especially in areas where rain cannot continually wash the surface

Engineering Risk

We help minimise your design and engineering risk.

  • The Spantech Longreach has been rigorously tested to a large number of different tests
  • Spantech’s Consulting Engineers who designed and supervised the testing program will also design and certify the Spantech Longreach roof design
  • Our coil steel is warranted by one of the world’s largest and most advanced steel manufacturers who manufacture to both Australian and the higher European Standards. This Korean based mill is represented and supported in Australia by a locally owned and operated Victorian based steel supplier with over 30 years’ experience in the steel industry. Both operate independently certified quality control systems backed by Australian product warranties.

The Story Behind the Name

The Spantech Longreach profile was launched in 2018. The profile was named after an early Longreach profile project – the striking Emu Street Car Park constructed in Longreach, Queensland. The project was designed by Architect Chris Pritchett for the Longreach Regional Council.

Project Experience

  • Spantech invented the Longreach profile, designed the rollforming machine and we manufacture the profiles.
  • We are Registered Builders with 38 years experience designing and constructing buildings with our unique range of site-rollformed roofing products.
  • Our project experience includes:

For these projects and more, see some of our Projects.

Design Assistance

Spantech can help you to select the right profile or product for your project.
Our friendly Spantech team offers comprehensive design assistance to Architects and Engineers.
Design Assist

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