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Andair AG Blast Shelters


Spantech is the exclusive Australian agent for Andair AG.

Spantech is the Australasian distributor for Andair blast shelter and survival shelter components

Spantech supplies Andair’s full range of blast doors, blast valves and blast vents for all types of blast resistant buildings and survival shelters constructed in Australia.

Swiss based Andair AG is a world leader in the design and manufacture of the critical protective systems and components widely used in personnel protection shelters and specialised equipment storage facilities. With over 40 years experience, the company has supplied specialised components for more than 3,000 large protected installations in over 55 countries.

A significant number of these facilities are in Australia. Spantech’s earth covered explosives storehouses and personnel protection facilities use Andair blast valves. These buildings are used by the Department of Defence Australia-wide. Also, several State Government operated explosives depots install Andair blast protection equipment.

 Miners and civil contractors also use Andair products to safeguard detonators and other sensitive equipment.


Andair’s range of protective technology is classified in three main areas:

Protective Shelter Components

Protective Shelter Components and allied systems are used in shelters, safety rooms and control rooms of:

  • Civil defence shelters
  • Air raid shelters
  • Hardened underground facilities and many other types of critical protective infrastructure

Ventilation Components

Fresh air in a survival shelter is essential.

This comprehensive range of Ventilation Components is the best choice to provide fresh air safely to survival shelters and blast protection facilities.

Systems are supported by proven know-how and guaranteed quality across the entire ventilation product range.

Sound and Vibration Damping

Protect yourself and critical equipment from extreme sound and vibration.

The company offers extensive experience with state-of-the-art sound and vibration protection techniques and guarantees innovative and reliable solutions.


Andair ventilation systems offer excellent protection for personnel or community bush fire shelters. This premium range of products should be a priority in the design of any personal bush fire shelter in extreme fire locations.

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