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Blast Resistant Earth-Covered Buildings and other buildings for Defence

Spantech has designed and tested a range of hardened earth-covered buildings (ECB’s) specifically for Defence applications. The inherent arch shape and unique advantages of the Spantech Construction System are ideally suited for the construction of building which are hardened with reinforced concrete and covered with earth.  They are incredibly strong, fast to construct and cost effective. They represent excellent value for money for any modern defence force.

The Spantech arch is light weight, yet very effective at resisting the blast impacts. When covered with earth, the building can withstand large blast wave forces. While these buildings can be designed for direct impact of nominated weapon systems,

Most of Spantech’s hardened buildings can be modified to be protected from specific weapons or threats, or resist and protect their contents from specified explosive blast pressures. It should be noted that continual advances in weapons technology limits the long term effectiveness of any constructed asset against direct impact.

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Spantech’s Range of Defence Buildings

Spantech’s blast resistant earth-covered building technology is most commonly applied to Explosive Ordnance Storage and Hardened Aircraft Shelters for fighter aircraft.

However, Spantech’s range of Defence buildings is rapidly expanding to include innovative and cost effective designs for:

  • Explosive Ordnance
  • Fighter Aircraft
    • hardened aircraft shelters
    • rapid deployment shelters with aircrew accommodation
    • bomb loading facilities
    • shade structures and aircraft hangars for fighters and small training aircraft (non-hardened buildings)
  • Essential Services
    • protection of critical infrastructure, plant and equipment
  • Personnel Protection
    • protection of front-line aircrew
    • rapid deployment facilities
    • underground command centres
    • VIP survival facilities with decoy buildings
  • General Defence Base Facilities – All other types of conventional buildings (non-hardened or earth-covered buildings) for use in general base operations:

See some of Spantech’s Defence projects

Remote Construction

The Spantech construction method is ideally suited to remote or isolated locations.  To date the company has successfully completed projects right across Australia from Twofold Bay in NSW to HMAS Stirling in Western Australia and from Woomera, close to the geographical centre of the country to Weipa in the far northern tropics of Queensland.

Internationally the company has delivered Defence projects in New Zealand, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

See some of Spantech’s remote Defence projects

Specialised Defence Buildings

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