Builders and Suppliers of Wide Span Curved Roofs

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Queensland Air Museum

Project Overview

The Queensland Air Museum is a non profit community group preserving Australia’s aviation heritage.

Spantech designed and constructed Hangar 1 in the classic Quonset style.

The structure is designed not only to protect the most fragile exhibits in the collection, it is strong enough to support many of the light-weight aircraft and scale models from the arch itself.

The building is visited by over 12,000 visitors each year.

Photos: Ron Cuskelly, Queensland Air Museum and Roberta W.B.

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Roma Airport Terminal

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Design and construction of an Aircraft Maintenance Complex for intermediate level maintenance repair of Royal Malaysian Air Force MiG 29 aircraft. The complex is centred around a 60 metre wide x 80 metre long fighter maintenance hangar with workshops, administration and technical facilities, plus full-width mechanical hangar doors. Read more.