Explosives Depot Upgrade, South Australia

Explosives Depot South Australia
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Upgrade various explosives storage magazines

South Australia

Principle Contractor

Upgrade various explosives storage magazines

South Australia

Principle Contractor

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Upgrade for Critical EO Depot

Spantech’s earth covered buildings (ECB) are critical to the operational success of the Australian Defence Force (ADF). To maintain their operational effectiveness and prolong their life, even these robust buildings can benefit from an “Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)” style update.

Spantech was contracted by Thales Australia to maintain and upgrade a number of Spantech 23 metre ESH (explosives storehouse or explosives storage magazine) and Spantech 13 metre ESH, some non-Spantech earth covered buildings (ECB) and a covered loading area.

Scope of Works

Major works included:

  • re-profile earth covers and installation of protective linings
  • remove, sandblast, paint and service all blast doors and components
  • manufacture and installation of mechanical door openers
  • upgrade lightning protection system, electrical and security services
  • clean, treat, paint metallic surfaces
  • repair and seal concrete surfaces
  • upgrade or replace asphalt aprons
  • installation of pallet racking system

The works undertaken by Spantech will prolong the effective life of the buildings by twenty years or more. The project is excellent value for money, particularly when considering the importance of this facility to Defence and the nation.

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