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Air 6000 Phase 2A/B, RAAF Base Williamtown

Royal Australian Air Force Squadron Leader Andrew Jackson, the first Australian pilot to fly in the F-35A. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Marleah Robertson) Source:

Preparing for the arrival of the F-35A

Spantech was contracted by Lend Lease to design and construct a number of essential buildings at RAAF Base Williamtown as part of the Air 6000 Phase 2A/B – New Air Combat Capability (NACC) Facilities Project.

The proposed works at RAAF Base Williamtown will include an F-35A Operational Precinct, runway pavement upgrades, explosive ordnance preparation facilities, engineering infrastructure and replacement of displaced elements.

Spantech’s Scope of Works

Spantech is specifically working on the Explosive Ordnance Facilities which include:

  1. High Explosive Ordnance Preparation Facilities.
  2. Ammunition and Counter-Measure Preparation Facilities.

For further general information about this project refer to the ADF website:

Related Projects

Lord Howe Island Airport Terminal

Location: Lord Howe Island

Industry: Aluminium Roofing, Aviation, Community, Longreach

Date: October 2017

Spantech was one of the few suppliers with the capability to provide the roof for the new Lord Howe Island Airport Terminal. Read more.

Explosives Depot, Western Australia

Location: Western Australia

Industry: Defence, Earth-Covered, Formwork 300, Woomera 300

Date: November 2011

In 2011 Spantech worked with Thales to refurbish the buildings and add an array of internal racking designed specifically to hold the ordnance stored in the buildings. Read more.

Calvary Christian College

Location: Springwood Qld

Industry: Education, Shade Structures, Woomera 300

Date: October 2007

The College originally went to tender seeking an extension to an existing structure. Spantech delivered an alternative solution to provide a complete new structure for less than the extension budget. Read more.

New Zealand Defence Explosives Depot

Location: North Island, New Zealand

Industry: Defence, Earth-Covered, Formwork 300, Woomera 300

Spantech was contracted to design and construct five Spantech 23 metre Explosives Storehouses (ESH) and an Ammunition Preparation Building (APB) at New Zealand Defence's major training facility. Read more.

Explosives Depot Upgrade, South Australia

Location: South Australia

Industry: Defence

Date: February 2018

Spantech’s scope of works included the maintenance and upgrade of a number of Spantech 23 metre ESH (explosives storehouse or explosives storage magazine) and Spantech 13 metre ESH, some non-Spantech earth covered buildings (ECB) and a covered loading area. Read more.

New Zealand Defence Ammunition Preparation Building

Location: Waiouru, North Island, New Zealand

Industry: Defence

Date: October 2007

Design and construction of an ammunition preparation building (APB) to NATO specifications. The panels cover the main entrance and loading area with a single unsupported span of 8 metres. Read more.

Emmanuel College

Location: Carrara, Gold Coast, Qld

Industry: Education, Shade Structures, Sport, Woomera 300

Date: January 2012

Spantech designed and constructed a covered outdoor learning area (COLA) for Emmanuel College, Carrara. The Spantech shade structure covers an existing concrete sports court. Read more.

Explosives Depot, Northern Territory

Location: RAAF Base Northern Territory

Industry: Defence, Earth-Covered, Formwork 300, Woomera 300

Date: November 2010

RAAF Base NT includes ten Spantech Explosives Storehouses (ESH). Eight 13 metre ESH were built in 1991 with an additional two 23 metre ESH built five years later in 1996. Read more.

Munitions Factory, New South Wales

Location: New South Wales

Industry: Defence

Date: November 1991

The Australian Department of Defence owns a munitions facility in New South Wales. In 1991 Spantech was contracted to build nineteen Spantech 13 metre ESH at the facility. Read more.