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High-rise Office Block Specifies Spantech Formwork 300

A new high-rise office block is rising out of  green field site at 15 Rowe Street, Caboolture in Queensland.  Project Engineers specified PT Blink and Spantech Formwork 300 to construct the main structural elements of the four level building.

The office building is being constructed with the PT Blink Tray System, an innovative prefabricated construction system.

Rowe Street Office Building is built with Spantech Formwork 300

Aerial view of the Rowe Street Office Building site

PT Blink Specifies Spantech

The PT Blink technology is new.  PT Blink prefabricate their patented columns and trays. The trays are fitted with Spantech’s composite metal formwork system – Formwork 300.  Spantech’s formwork maximises the width of the tray.  The length go the tray is strengthen with pre-tensioned cables.  This this innovative office block structure uses trays spanning up to 4m wide and 12m long.

Installing reinforcing, penetrations and flashings in the factory speeds up the process.

PT Blink design s the system to be fast and very efficient.  Structures can be erected several months faster than conventional temporary propped timber formwork structures.

Currently under construction, the project is due to open mid 2021.

When completed, the facility will provide over 7,000 metres of modern office space in the booming heart of Caboolture.

Project partners include:

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