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Hardened Aircraft Shelters

The Ultimate Protection for Fighter Aircraft


Spantech’s range of Hardened Aircraft Shelters includes designs to suit any specified aircraft in a range of configurations.

Current designs include:

  • Fighter Aircraft Shelters
  • Multi-bay Apron Shelters
  • Quick Alert Shelters
  • Pilot Ready Rooms

Standard designs include building widths include a 13m and 23m wide free-spanning curve, plus a new 17.5m wide building on straight walls. Hardened earth-covered buildings up to 30m wide can be constructed with the Spantech free-spanning curved system.

Spantech can customise designs to meet specific requirements including protection from specified threat and also incorporate weapons loading facilities, 24 hour crew accommodation with life support systems etc.

Aircraft Shelters can be fitted with a variety of doors, with options from simple weather protection doors to blast doors up to 7 bar.

Shelters can be provided with additional protection by the construction of blast protection traverse walls and a range of other classified options.

Some designs can be constructed in two stages:

  • Stage I – for weather protection only
  • Stage II – hardening and earth cover

Spantech’s Aircraft shelters are based on the highly successful and widely used Spantech Explosive Storehouse design.

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