Spantech is the Australian Agent for Andair AG

Andair AG Blast Shelters
Spantech is the Australian agent for Andair AG, the Swiss supplier of specialised protective shelter equipment.

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Spantech is the exclusive agent for Andair products in Australia.

Andair AG is a world leader in the design and manufacture of critical protective systems and components.  Their products are used in personnel protection shelters and specialised equipment storage facilities to protect people and essential equipment.

The Swiss based company has over 40 years experience designing protective systems and components.  Their products are installed in more than 3,000 large protective facilities in more than 55 countries across the world.

Australian Applications

Spantech first installed Andair products into Australian projects in 1992.

The types of projects includes Spantech’s earth-covered Explosive Storehouses (ESH) and personnel protection facilities. Andair products have proved to consistently outperform and outlast those of other manufacturers. And performance is important. The Australian Department of Defence owns the majority of the facilities where Spantech has installed these components.

The full range of protective systems and components is available in Australia from Spantech.

Andair’s Unique Technology

The range of protective technology is classified in three main areas:

Protective Shelter Components

Andair components and systems are used in shelters, safety rooms and control rooms of:

    • Civil defence shelters
    • Air raid shelters
    • Hardened underground facilities, and
    • Many other critical protective infrastructure.

Sound and Vibration Damping

Andair’s extensive experience with state-of-the-art sound and vibration protection techniques guarantees innovative and reliable solutions.


Fresh air is essential. Andair is the best choice to ventilate survival and blast protection facilities with proven know-how and guaranteed quality across their entire ventilation product range.

Full Product Range

See the full range of products at

Contact Spantech to order protective equipment for Australian and New Zealand projects.

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